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PRICING - Open Race Gun Package

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Glenn Custom STI, SVI, Para, or Caspian Open Race gun
Built on customer supplied frame $2650.00
EGW 5 port Comp. (cone or bushing), Extended Ejector, Match Barrel, O/S Slide Stop, Extractor, Long Disconnector, Firing Pin, Spring Kit, Pin Kit, Match Hammer, Match Sear, Full length Guide Rod, Reverse Plug, Caspian Bar Stock Slide, Brown Beavertail Grip safety, Brown Thumb Safety, 2 1/2 lb. Trigger Job, Polish and Throat Barrel, Lower and Flare ejection port, Scope Mount Installed
For the following Options add:
Front Cocking Serrations $75.00 Swoop Rear Slide $40.00
Spare Extractor Tuned $40.00 Aftec Extractor $50.00
Caspian Thin Grips $50.00 Ambi Safety $55.00
Koenig Low Mass Hammer $50.00 Flat Top Slide & Comp $60.00
Checker Main Spring Housing $40.00 Spare Firing Pin $10.00
Flat Top and Serrate Slide $125.00 Checker under Trigger Guard $50.00
Recoil Springs $8.00  
Swenson Shield Thumb Safeties $100.00
Blend and Open Magazine Well $40.00
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