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PLEASE NOTE: I operate a full service gunsmith facility. If you do not see your desired modification or repair listed, please feel free to call me, or use my e-mail address.

Please make sure you always call me before attempting to send any firearm or parts to my address.

I am not liable for parts or weapons lost in shipping.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Terms and Conditions:

Blue or Stainless guns only. No aluminum or special finish guns can be accommodated that will need refinishing.

There is an additional charge for work on high polished stainless steel…please call for a quotation.

I reserve the right to inspect and decide whether your weapon is safe for modifications.

I will NOT deactivate ANY safety device for ANY reason. If I find any safety device to be disabled or missing, I will replace it and charge you for it.

Payment is due in full at the time of completion and must be received before the weapon leaves my shop. When your gun is finished, you will be notified to send a cashier’s check or money order for the amount due. A personal check will delay shipping approximately 4 weeks.

You will be billed for actual shipping charges. All firearm PARTS may be sent through the US mail EXCEPT THE FRAME. Use UPS or FedEx for a handgun or frame. UPS regulations REQUIRE Next Day Air shipping - adult signature required. A handgun is considered to be the serial numbered frame. If you only need to send in the slide, you can use the regular ground service. Please send only the items necessary for performing the work!

There is a provision using U.S. mail shipping can be handled dealer to dealer using registered mail which is much less expensive. You will need to download a form 1508.

I do have a backlog, which could be an inconvenience to you. However, you may pay a 25% deposit which will hold your place in line. You will be notified when to ship your gun, this way I will have your gun for only 8 to 12 weeks. Any change to order must be in writing and sent with an additional charge of $25. I am ready to assist you if you have questions, or need help deciding what you want to do.


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