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Frank GlennFrank Glenn is offering classes in advanced pistol techniques for law enforcement officers. You can host an on-site training class! The host agency will be responsible for coordination of the range, students, and collection of fees. All checks or purchase orders to be made payable to Accuracy Unlimited, Inc.

These techniques will enable the students to improve their speed and accuracy from various shooting positions. The techniques covered are as follows:

Principles of Speed Shooting, Gun Grip and Body Position, Fundamentals & Technique, Tips, "Psychology of Shooting" from Don Nygord, "The Psychology of Shooting Well" by Frank Glenn, Consecutive Pairs, Accelerated Pairs, Bill Drill, Square Drill, Moving Quickly Between Shooting Positions, Turning on the Draw, Timing Drills, Reaction Time, Eye Speed, Free Style Groups, Bench Rest Shooting, and a 10 week fitness program.

Cost is $350.00 per student for this two-day program. The host agency will need to supply a range with a minimum of 25-yards distance and 15-20 yards wide. The instructor will supply all targets, stands and other range supplies. Students will need to supply their own pistol, duty gear, magazines, and mandatory safety equipment (eye and ear protection), and 1000 rounds of ammunition. Students may want to bring knee and elbow pads as well as a shooting mat.

In order to make the most efficient use of the student's time, the class is limited to a maximum of ten students with a minimum of six. (Free slots are available for host agencies. Please inquire)

Frank was an officer with D.P.S for 22 years, a firearms instructor for 17 years a 13 year charter member of the D.P.S. S.W.A.T. team and attended the F.B.I. S.W.A.T School in Quantico, VA.

e-mail: Frank Glenn at or call (602) 978-9089 to arrange a class.


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