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1911 Custom Services

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1911 Customer Services
Barrel Installation
Install non ramped barrel
Install ramped barrel
Re crown barrel 11 degree
Fit match barrel bushing, includes part
Lower ejection port
Throat barrel and frame
Cut feed ramp in frame to proper dimension
Flair ejection port Gold Cup style
Polish breach face
Install extended ejector, includes part
Front Strap/Trigger Guard/Mainspring Housing
Stipple front strap
Stipple trigger guard
Under cut trigger guard on SV frames
Checker front strap
Checker under trigger guard
Magazine Well / Magazine Release
Bevel and polish magazine well
Fit Smith and Alexander magazine well and blend, includes part
Install extended magazine release, includes part
Slide Modifications
Fit slide to frame
Lighten side
Shorten slide
Mill flat and serrate top of slide
Mill flat on top of slide
Serrate rear of slide
Checker rear of slide
Front cocking serrations
Cut government frame for commander slide
Detent in slide stop
Dehorn slide and frame
Shorten slide stop flush and cut depression in frame
Beavertail grip safety installed, includes part
Fit safety to proper crispness
Ambidextrous safety installed, includes part
Strong side safety installed, includes part
Plunger tube installed, includes part
Bo-Mar low mount, includes part $275.00
Heinie rear, includes part $155.00
Novak rear low mount, includes part $133.00
Dovetail front sight cut $40.00
Open up rear notch $20.00
Thin front sight blade $35.00
S & W rear sight installation, includes part $250.00
Spring Guides
Full length guide rod and plug, includes part
Officers model guide rod / reverse plug, includes part
Machine slide for reverse plug
Triggers/Trigger Jobs  
Match trigger job $100.00
Match trigger job 3.5 pounds $185.00
Install long trigger $30.00
Trigger stop installed in your trigger $27.00
T-Job W/Match hammer and sear set at 2.5 - 3.0 pounds $200.00
Hard Chrome $415.00
Matt blue $150.00
Matt blue slide $50.00
Matt blue frame $80.00
Polish flats and matt blue rounds
(depends on degree of polishing)
Note: All trigger work on Para Ordnance requires replacement of hammer and sear.


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