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When I came to AZ my friends Rob Leatham and Brian Enos told me that if I needed something repaired or built, I should forget the big name custom gunsmiths around the country and call Frank Glenn instead. Now many years later I have no idea how many guns Frank has repaired, improved or built for me. Words cannot describe the admiration, gratitude and appreciation I feel for him as a personal friend and for his work. There are many so-called “Custom Gunsmiths” out there who do beautiful and very expensive work but there are only a few true “Gunsmiths”. Frank Glenn is definitively one of them.

Arnt M. Myhre

I'm an IPSC Class “C” shooter and Frank has built 3 guns for me. All I can tell you is that they are like that bunny - They keep running, running, running and running. The best work money can buy.

Pete Connal

Frank is one of the few real gunsmiths. Frank has built an XP100 for the Masters, bedded a 10-22 for Sportsman Team Challenge, lengthened the forcing cones on my K80 Kreighoff and a host of other varied jobs for me, all to perfection. When I have a problem with a firearm that is twisting my brain to figure out, I am on the phone to Frank. Frank is also a master taco and salsa chef!

Michael Voigt

I consider Frank Glenn not only my great friend, but my mentor and I know several other shooters who feel the same. He has taken the time to become not only my good friend, but my sounding board as well. He has built for me a number of excellent shooters, from race guns, to 10/22's, to long range pistols and all have been capable of performing at a much higher level than I have given them the chance. He has built pistols for a number of my friends, who have competed in just about every class and have each given credit where credit was due, Glenn Custom. A virtual world of knowledge has passed through him by being on the leading edge of the area that has spawned some of the greatest pure shooters the world has seen and he utilizes this great wealth very prudently!

Ron Weaver
President, Sportsmans Team Challenge Association

Frank was inspirational in my quest for accuracy. A national level PPC shooter, he has forgotten more about how to pull the trigger than I will ever know. He built the revolvers I shot at the Bianchi Cup before I changed to the auto. I should have won that match many times as I always had the best revolvers on the line. His company, Accuracy Unlimited, builds the finest revolvers you can get, and a whole bunch of other neat stuff. I consider Frank a long time friend and am proud to know him.

Rob Leatham


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